Chinese FM highlights mutual trust, cooperation with Singapore, Cambodia

MANILA, Aug 6 (APP/Xinhua): Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has highlighted trust-building and cooperation in meetings with his Singaporean and Cambodian counterparts here on Sunday.
“Relations between China and Singapore have experienced ups and downs. But close exchanges between the two countries’ leaders recently have enhanced mutual trust of the two countries, which is essential to healthy bilateral relations between China and Singapore,” Wang said while meeting with Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishan on the sidelines of a series of the foreign ministers’ meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
He spoke highly of Singapore’s role as a coordinator of China-ASEAN ties, praising Singapore for its efforts in promoting ASEAN community building and advancing relations between China and ASEAN.
“Singapore will be the chair of ASEAN next year. We believe Singapore will play a more constructive role in promoting ASEAN community building and advancing China-ASEAN relations,” Wang said.
He stressed that China and ASEAN must work together to enhance trust, dispel unnecessary misgivings and focus on mutual beneficial cooperation, which is line with the common interests of all the countries in the region.
For his part, Balakrishan said Singapore is full of confidence and
expectations in Singapore-China relationship, expecting to strengthen and deepen the bilateral ties through cooperation under the Belt and Road Initiative.
He said ASEAN-China relations have seen important and positive progress over the past year and the situation in the South China Sea has stabilized. Singapore will continue to do its best and play its due role as a coordinator.
In another meeting with the Cambodian Foreign Minister Prak Sokhonn, Wang said China is willing to expand the practical cooperation and strengthen friendship with Cambodia, as next year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the China-Cambodia diplomatic ties.
He also said China appreciates Cambodia’s support on the Belt and Road
Initiative, which he believes will expand space for the China-ASEAN cooperation.
Wang added that China will firmly support the ASEAN integration, hoping the series of foreign ministers’ meetings now in Manila can reflect the positive changes in the region in a rational and objective way.
For his part, Prak Sokhonn hails good relations with China, saying Cambodia will continue strengthening cooperation between the two countries and supporting the China-proposed Belt and Road initiative.