BVMs performed well:ECP


LAHORE, Sept 17 (APP): The Election Commission of Pakistan has conducted
first pilot testing using 100 Biometrics Verification
Machines (BVMs) at 39 polling stations comprising 100 booths in
According to a spokesperson for the ECP, specialized devices
designed and developed for election purposes were used.
The overall result of BVMs performance was well satisfactory based
on rating received. Almost all voters got Biometrics verifications done
on these BVMs after the polling cycle as per approved S.O.P and no hindrances occurred throughout the day.
It was observed that voters were enthusiastically involved in the
Biometric process.
Preliminary report indicates that about 88% voters were biometrically
verified through BVMs while the remaining voters could not be verified
with the biometric data provided by NADRA.
The detailed report of the Pilot project will be submitted to the
competent authority for approval, she added.