Upper areas to receive widespread rain at weekend

ISLAMABAD, Oct 22 (APP): Widespread scattered rain fall expected
at weekend in upper parts of country with snowfall at hilly areas
causing major drop in the mercury.
An official of Met office told APP that the coming rain spell
will result in formal advent of winter as the temperature fall
especially at night time and early morning.
It will also good for decreasing the dengue fear as the
weather will not be suitable for mosquito larva breading
and the intensity of the outbreak of this deadly disease will
be subsided.
Normally in pre-winter season, he said, one to two rains occur
in October but this year their range and time period was better
than previous one, which have positive affect on the weather pattern.
Replying to a query he briefed that these rains are good for
crops especially wheat sowing as the soil will absorb adequate water
and former can expect a good production.
On Thursday daily weather report mentioned that in next 24 hours
mainly dry weather is expected in most parts of the country
with chances of light rain-thunderstorm at isolated places of
upper areas.
Rainfall predicted at Malakand Hazara, Peshawar, Kohat, Rawalpindi
divisions, FATA, Islamabad, Kashmir division, Kashmir and
Gilgit-Baltistan during this time span.
Met office said continental air is prevailing over most parts of the
A shallow westerly wave is affecting northern areas of the country
and likely to persist during next 24 hours.
Another westerly wave is likely to approach upper parts of the
country on Friday and likely to persist over upper and central parts
of the country till Monday.
In last 24 hours mostly dry weather reported from most parts
of the country while highest temperatures recorded from different
parts remained Turbat 40ø Calsius, Mithi, Chhor, Lasbella, Mirpurkhas 38øCalsius, Islamabad 30øCalsius, Lahore 32øCalsius, Karachi 36øCalsius, Peshawar 31øCalsius, Quetta 23ø Calsius, Gilgit 22øC, Hunza 18øCalsius, Muzaffarabad 26øCalsius, Murree 20ø Calsius, Skardu 18øCalsius, Faisalabad 32øCalsius, Multan 33øCalsius, Hyderabad 35øCalsius and Kalat 20øCalsius.
Pollen count was 26 per m3 of air in this time span.

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