PESHAWAR, Jan 14 (APP):The scenic Kalam valley in Swat district has received maximum 50 millimeters rain and 25 inch snowfall during recent heavy showers.

The Relief and Settlement Department report on Tuesday said that Dir has received 43mm rain and Dargai Malakand 41 million meters.

Similarly, Kakul Abbottabad district has received 36mm, Saidu Sharif Swat 32mm, Balakot Manshera, Asbanr Lower Dir and Buner 29mm each, Malamjabba, Timergara and Charat 28 mm each, Takht Bhai 27mm, Pattan Lower Kohistan 26 mm, Besham Batagram 25mm, Shabqadar Charsadda and Darosh Chitral 22mm, Mirkhani 19 mm, Parchinar Kurram and Peshawar 17 mm respectively.

Likewise, Chitral, Charsadda and Mohmand Dam 16 mm, Warsak Dam 14 mm, DI Khan 8mm and Bannu 6 mm respectively.

Malam Jabba in Swat district received 13 inch snowfall, Chitral 7.2 inch, Darosh six inch, Parchinar and Dir 4 inch, Pattan Lower Kohistan and Mirkani 3 inch respectively.

Mainly very cold and dry weather is expected in most parts of the province while partially cloudy in upper parts of Khyber Pakthunkhwa including Hazara and Malakand Divisions. Frost is expected to set in overnight across the province that would drop the temperature further down.