Azam Khan Swati for joint efforts against curse of narcotics drug

ISLAMABAD, Jun 25 (APP): Federal Minister for Narcotics Control Azam Khan Swati on Thursday said that the most befitting way of celebrating the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illegal Trafficking is to reaffirm our commitment for helping the people who have unfortunately become drug addicts.

In a message, the minister said that on the international day to be observed on June 26, “we express our resolve that we will cooperate with each other in our fight against the curse of narcotics drugs and create awareness among our masses against drugs”, adding that this day we commit that we will undertake our efforts with full devotion and dedication to curb the menace of narcotics.

He said that building a drug-free society calls for continued and concerted measures on part of all stakeholders including the federal as well as provincial governments, non-governmental organizations, civil society, religious leaders and media.

“Then there is youth that is the most significant and influential part of our population”, he said.

He said that “as the members of our family, our society as well as our nation, we must remember that it is part of our duties and responsibilities to make every possible effort for helping our near and dear ones stay away from the curse of narcotics drugs”.

“This day also gives us a message to join hands against this social evil that is gradually destroying our youth”, he added.

The minister said that Narcotics Control Division, being the responsible government entity for narcotics control in the country from legislation to enforcement and from treatment to rehabilitation, has taken a number of steps to control this menace in the country.

He said that a five year drug abuse control master plan has been formulated to serve as clear strategic roadmap.

“The new National Anti-Narcotics Policy 2019 – a three pronged strategy based on the objectives of drug supply reduction, drug demand reduction and international cooperation has also been designed to meet new challenges and international obligations while an inter-agency task force on narcotics control to maximize effectiveness of the Law Enforcement Agencies has also been set up” he said.

Azam Khan Swati said that the present government has launched a number of initiatives for strengthening LEAs at the federal, provincial and district levels to combat drug trafficking and reduce the flow of drugs in the country.

“Pakistan has also been very proactive on the international front through its participation in all forums working/planning against the menace of illicit. We are also making efforts to enhance regional and international cooperation through a number of bilateral and multilateral forums” he added.