SAMANI (BHIMBER), July 11 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister on  Political Affairs Dr Asif Kirmani Monday demanded arrest of killers of Pakistan Muslim League (N) workers who lost lives in violence in Haveli, Azad Kashmir.

Speaking to party workers at opening ceremony of an election office here, he said it was unfortunate that on the day Indian barbarians were martyring Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir, the paid killers of Abdul Majeed government were spilling blood of PML-N workers.

He asked what was the difference between the governments of India and Abdul Majeed after what had happened.

He questioned role of Chief Election Commissioner and
administration and said he wanted arrest of killers of party

Kirmani said he met the candidate injured in the violence,
adding the wounded candidate told him that he did not care about threats to him and wanted that election should not be postponed in his constituency.

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The PML-N workers will avenge killing of their partymen
by casting ballot for the party, he added.

Kirmani said the judicial commission formed by AJK government on the incident is meant to delay and keep the matter pending “After coming to power, we ourselves will hold the killers accountable and bring them to justice,” he vowed.

He said their leader Nawaz Sharif was the messenger of
progress, prosperity and light.

He said on instructions of the Prime Minister, he came to
thank Raja Razaq, who withdrew in favour of PML-N candidate and gave up his candidature to keep party discipline.

The party appreciates the gesture and this example of unity
has sent a message to the whole of Kashmir, he added.

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The workers of Muslim League were united under the banner of party and its leader Nawaz Sharif, he noted.

He thanked another candidate Khushnood for withdrawing his candidature and extending support to the party candidate.

He said God willing, no power in the world can defeat the
candidates of PML-N.

Pointing towards the falling rain, he said rain is a sign of
victory of his party in the polls.

Kirmani said they came to Kashmir under the same law under which PPP leaders Yusuf Raza Gilani, Pervaiz Ashraf and others came to Kashmir.

“We are not using any official resources or protocol. Allah
and the people of Kashmir are our protectors.”

He prayed for Kashmiri commander Burhan Wani and the PML-N workers who lost lives in violence in Haveli.