President urges world to learn from Pak-China friendship for peace, cooperation

President urges world to learn from Pak-China friendship for peace, cooperation
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ISLAMABAD, Feb 11 (APP): President Dr Arif Alvi Thursday while urging the world to learn from Pak-China friendship, asked the countries to move firmly towards free trade and pursue high goals of durable peace.

“And the world can learn from Pakistan and China’s friendship,” he remarked talking to Dost FM98 radio channel.

The president, in a video clip also shared by the President House, said he had been witnessing closer ties between Pakistan and China since the time of Zhou Enlai and Mao Tse-tung.

Since then, both the countries had been engaged in a meaningful coordination based on bilateral cooperation, he added.

Dr Alvi said Pakistan and China had unanimity of views on international forums like FATF (Financial Action Task Force), human rights and moral issues in international matters.
Both the countries viewed that instead of being isolated, a state should be free to sell its goods across the world, he added.

The president said Pak-China ties got strengthened for being based on mutual respect, non-interference and providing opportunities to the people for development.
He said China’s focus was to manufacture goods for the world, ensure socio-economic development and steer its people out of poverty, and Pakistan was also pursuing the same course.

The president said Pakistan was learning from China in many ways and was also advancing towards economic prosperity, besides maintaining the bilateral friendship.

He said both the countries were also worried over what was happening in the world but at the same time, Pakistan and China had manifested their friendship before the world.
But, he said, Pak-China friendship was not based on interests only rather it also marked humanity, non-interference and high goals of peace.

He said both the countries were unanimous over multiple issues like Afghan peace because they desired the revival of peace there.

Moreover, on the issues of Kashmir and free maritime journey, and no restriction on journey in the Indian Sea were the matters having convergence of view of both the countries.

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