Ali Zaidi

ISLAMABAD, Dec 8 (APP): Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Ali Haider Zaidi on Tuesday said Karachi Port Trust (KPT) has paid over Rs. 10 billion tax to government of Sindh over the last five years.

In a series of tweet he said Jinnah Bridge was constructed by KPT in 1996/97, adding, “it hasn’t been repaired/maintained by Government of Sindh despite several reminders by KPT over the years.

He said it was now extremely dangerous and ‘God Forbid’ could cause an accident.
“I will be writing to CM Sindh today to address this issue on war footing”.

He said, “If KPT has to maintain this bridge & fix these issues, then maybe it should be allowed to deduct the expense from the taxes it pays to GoS or allowed to collect toll for usage of this bridge!”.

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