Parkha among ladies, Damil & Zubair among amateur lead in Corps Commander Golf

Parkha among ladies, Damil & Zubair among amateur lead in Corps Commander Golf
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By Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Nov 13 (APP): Parkha Ijaz led the ladies section and youthful Damil Ataullah established supremacy in amateur segment at the end of the second day play in Corps Commander golf championship here on Saturday at Lahore Garrison course.

Behind eighteen years old Damil Ataullah of Lahore Garrison is nineteen years old Muhammed Zubair of Lahore Gymkhana.

And side by side the senior amateur race for honors stands concluded after 36 holes with top honors going to Tariq Mehmood (Lahore Garrison) followed by Shafiq Bhatti (Defence Raya ) runner up and Col.M.Shafi (Garrison) ,third.

As ladies golf develops in our country ,the golfing scores in the course of ladies competitive events reflect a touch of expertness and in the forefront are the youthful ones like Parkha Ijaz ,her sister Rimsha Ijaz and leaping into prominence are Zahida Durrani and Suneya Osama.While Parkha continues to predominate with commendable scores ,her adversaries are also managing to look cardinal and eminent with noteworthy golfing scores.

Parkha led the golfing race with a gross score of 75 ,her nearest combatant Rimsha Ijaz is placed at a score of gross 77.Another proficient one Zahida Durrani is at gross 79 and Suneya Osama and Ghazala Yasmin are together at gross 80.

As for the grand fight going on in amateur section ,it is so delightful to see young ones like Damil and Zubair still in their teens feature as the dexterous and befitting ones in this national level golf event.

Damil extended his caliber loaded display of the first round with another proficiency filled exhibition in the second round .With a gross 70 on the first day followed by a par 72 on the second day ,Damil ended up the two rounds with a stirring aggregate score of 142 ,two under par and looks all charged up for a massive charge to victory on the final day on Sunday.

His contender Mohammad Zubair is also placed at the two rounds aggregate score of 142 and though Zubair has manifested excellence most of the time ,he did fall from grace on three holes which he double bogeyed .

He scored birdies on seven holes ,the 1st,3rd,4th,8th,9th,11th and 13th and yet ended up with a score of gross 73 ,his birdie mastery neutralized by the three double bogies.All in all Zubair appeared all prepared to show his forcefulness and potency in days to come ,infact the first big test will be tomorrow Sunday when he plays alongside Damil Ataullah.
The senior amateur section winner was Tariq Mehmood (Garrison) with two rounds scores of 75 and 76 and an aggregate of 151.Runner up in senior section was Shafiq Bhatti(Defence Raya) and his score was 154.Third position was secured by Col (r)Mohammad Shafi (Garrison).His score was 155.. Net category winner in senior section was Col Asif Nadeem Asif and Maj Gen Sajjad Rasool won second net prize.

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