Gobi’s Paint Punjab Open Tennis Championship 2021

By Sohail Ali

LAHORE, Feb 12 (APP):Zohaib Afzal Malik and Asad Zaman reached the semifinals of the Out-Class Punjab Junior Tennis Championship 2021 after winning their respective matches here at the PLTA Courts on Friday.

In the U-12 quarterfinals, Zohaib Afzal Malik overpowered Eesa Bilal with a huge margin of 6-1 while high-flying Haniya Minhas thrashed Talha Tarar 6-0, Ameer Mazari outlasted Ismail Aftab 6-1 and Omer Jawad overwhelmed Harris Bajwa 6-1.

Zohaib Malik, partnering with Asad Zaman, also won her U-14 doubles quarterfinal against Harris Bajwa/Raja Mustafa with a big margin of 6-0. The pair of Haniya Minhas and Abubakar Talha proved too hot for Abdur Rehman Pirzada and Abdur Rehman and crushed them by 6-0 while Shehryar Anees/Ameer Mazari outpaced Eesa Bilal/Abdullah Pirzada 6-2 and Omer Jawad/Ismail Aftab routed Xeerak Mustafa/Aalay Husnain 6-2.

Haniya Minhas maintained her supremacy in the U -14 semifinals, where he recorded her third victory of the day against Abdullah Pirzada with a great margin of 4-0, 4-0 while Asad Zaman defeated spirited Ameer Mazari 5-4, 4-0.

In the U-10 semifinals, Abdur Rehman thrashed Mustafa Uzair Rana 6-0 while Hajra outshone Fajar Fayyaz 6-1.