National Bank Stadium to host 15th match of PSL 9

National Bank Stadium to host 15th match of PSL 9
KARACHI, Feb 27 (APP):Karachi’s cricket fervor is set to peak as the 15th match of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) 9 is slated to take place at the iconic National Bank Stadium.
In a thrilling kickoff to the season at their home ground, Karachi Kings will clash with Islamabad United in what promises to be a riveting encounter.
From February 28th to March 18th, Karachi will witness a cricketing extravaganza with a total of 11 matches scheduled, including key encounters like the qualifier, two eliminators, and the grand finale.
As per the latest PSL points table, Karachi Kings currently lead with 4 points from 3 matches, while Islamabad United trails with 2 points from 4 outings.
The Kings’ squad geared up for the forthcoming battles with a rigorous practice session at the Oval Ground in Karachi earlier this week.
Preparations at the stadium are in full swing, with vibrant decorations adorning the venue, alongside portraits of the players, while the pitch stands ready for the intense action to unfold.
Security arrangements for the Karachi leg of PSL 9 have been meticulously planned by law enforcement agencies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees.
A dedicated force comprising over 1000 personnel from various law enforcement agencies, including the SSU, traffic police, Special Branch, Rapid Response Force (RRF), District Police, and Sindh Rangers, will be deployed across the stadium, practice grounds, Karachi Airport, routes, hotels, and other strategic points. Additionally, expert marksmen will be stationed at critical locations to enhance security measures.
In tandem with security measures, traffic police have implemented guidelines to streamline traffic flow and minimize inconvenience for city residents during the cricketing extravaganza.
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