PESHAWAR, June 21 (APP): Current Under-11 Champion Muhammad Ammad remained unbeaten so far after playing eight matches and won all while Muhammad Abbas and Abbas Nawaz played five matches each and win all in the Under-11 category of the ongoing ICMS Junior Age Group Squash League being played here at PAF Hashim Khan Squash Complex on Tuesday.

After four day result both Muhammad Abbas and Abbas Nawaz were the leaders after winning five matches each in the Under-11 categories.

Abbas Nawaz with four win, Muhammad Abbas with five win, Muhammad Hamza with five win and one lost, Yaseen with four win and two lost, Sheraz Akhbar with two win and two lost, Human with four lost, Shalan Gul with four lost, Zikriya Pervaiz with one win and three lost were the other players part of the league.

Raheem Abbas lost four with one win after playing five matches, Muhammad Khan secured victory in one match and lost two after playing three matches, Kane Khan, Zikriya lost all five matches, Hamid Saeed lost four with one win, Falak Sher lost three with two win, Hamza Islam lost all five matches, Talha with one win and four lost were the total 18 players part of the Under-11 League

In the Under-8 and Under-9 categories Rohaid and Abdullah Nawaz were the lead as Rohaid in Under-8 category won all five matches while Abdullah Nawaz won all four matches so far they played.

Fawad Khan lost all with one win, Mubeen with one win and three lost, Talha with four lost, Ihtisham with played three and lost three, Azaan with two win and three lost after playing five matches, Mamoon with four lost, Hassan Zahid with three lost and two win, Obaid with three lost and one win, Majid with three lost after playing three matches, Huzaifa Saleem with one win and three lost, Muhammad Ismail with two win and two lost, Hanif with two win and two lost, Arsh with four win and two lost, Waqas with two lost and one win, and Haris Zahid with two lost and two win after playing four matches were the other players of the League.