ISLAMABAD, Nov 2 (APP): Former Test cricketer Abdul Qadir believes
Test skipper Misbah-ul-Haq shouldn’t have retired from One Day cricket as he was fit to play in the team and was the most dependable batsman.
Misbah-ul-Haq has hinted about his retirement after the final test
against England.Speaking about it, Qadir said Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman
Shahryar Khan has asked Misbah to extend his Test career, which the skipper could easily do as he is “fit like any young player’.
“I admire Shahryar Khan’s decision asking Misbah to continue playing.
Misbah shouldn’t have also retired from One Day Cricket as he was fit to play in the team and dependable in both versions of the game,” he told APP.
Qadir, however, criticised PCB for some of its other decisions, saying
an “accountability” of the board is the need of the hour.
Qadir claimed there is no check and balance on the PCB and therefore
the game of cricket is suffering.”Former cricketers should be inducted in the board who know where and why the game is lagging behind,” he said.
Pakistan is currently eighth in ICC ODI rankings and fourth in Tests.
Qadir took exception to Subhan Ahmed serving as the PCB Chief
Operating Officer (COO) “when he has no knowledge of the game.”Does the PCB take stock of his performance in so many years of his tenure,” he said.
Qadir said an audit should also be conducted of the past 10 years seeing where the money has been spent and whether it was needed or not.