Emergent general council meeting of POA takes important decision

Emergent general council meeting of POA takes important decision

LAHORE, May 03 (APP): An Emergent Meeting of POA held today Monday here was participated by the representatives of the affiliated National Sports Federations, Associations and Departments / Services through video conference.

The General Council taking note of the removal / disbarment of Athletic Federation of Pakistan (AFP) and Wisal Muhammad, opined that the issue has, yet again, not been attended rather misleading claims are being disseminated. It was resolved that the decision of the General Council taken in its meeting held on February 13, 2021 regarding the removal of AFP and disbarment of Wisal Muhammad stand final.

“The General Council resolved to abide by the provisions of the Olympic Charter and respective Constitutions”, said Muhammad Khalid Mahmood Secretary, POA after the meeting.

The National Sports Federations are entitled to independently govern their affairs, operations and functions in particular their structure, membership, governance of sports, electoral processes, dispute resolution mechanisms etc, he said.

“The General Council stressed that the rules, laws and policy guidelines cannot be productive if these are made without extensive academic and scientific study and require valuable input of all the stakeholders.

“The General Council has urged the Government of Pakistan to uphold its Commitment made with the IOC, OCA, ASOIF, ANOC and NOC Pakistan vide Ministry of IPC Letter dated July 03, 2014 following the Lausanne Agreement and to uphold the Resolutions adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in New York on October 2014 which recognises sport as a means to promote education, health, development and peace, and also supports the independence and autonomy of sport as well as the mission of the International Olympic Committee in leading the Olympic Movement.

“It was decided that a delegation of POA led by its President Lt. Gen (R) Syed Arif Hasan, will call upon the Prime Minister of Pakistan and Minister for IPC to present the position of the IOC, POA and NSFs which is essential for the promotion and development of sports in Pakistan.

Further it was resolved that NOC Pakistan and National Sports Federations Associations will continue to work in harmony with the Government of Pakistan for the promotion of sport while respecting the basic fundamentals of autonomy and the rights of each stakeholder”, said the POA official.


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