ISLAMABAD, Nov 21 (APP): The holding of Local government election in capital for the first time in history of Pakistan is a welcoming step by all the prospective political leaders as well as the common masses.
According to PTV News report on Saturday , the representatives and common people while expressing their happiness over this step by the govt to hold LG elections in islamabad said that hopefully they would be able to reach out easily at the low level with their problems to be discussed at upper level easily.
The people in islamabad were of the view that they are very happy for
this election in islamabad as this is the main place where all the executive
machinery is laying and would be helpful for them to reach them out their
selected representatives with their problems of water ,unemployment, education,street , hospital and sewerage , youths issues like play grounds, sports grounds etc added that earlier the towns were under the direct control of Capital Development Authority (CDA) and it was difficult for them to find solution to their problems quickly.
Under the new “baldiyati system” in islamabad there would be 50 Union
Councils including 16 of women, mazdor kissan,and minorities representatives
thus total 66 which will be actively come forward to attend their issues.
Political Leaders while expressing their happiness over holding of
baldiyti elections in islamabad said they would be committed to fight against illiteracy , terrorism, extremism , and resolve issues of unemployment ,dispensaries at the surrounding areas of the capital added that they would make their model village developed soon.
MNA PML-N Malik Abrar Ahmad said it is for the first time in history of
Pakistan that this system is introduced here and the common man has been given relief to reach out their awami representatives with their problems easily.
Another representative Javad Akhlaq said that Islamabad is a capital
and a separate city also so people want here that they should be given their right at the grass root level so this is a welcoming step and very big achievement of the govt that they are introducnig this system in Islamabad and hopes that now the problems of education sector ,service delivery , waste management sector would be resolved.