BEIJING, Oct 18 (APP):The experts believe that China and the US should exercise proper management, control over their differences and enhance people to people, scholars and journalists exchange to improve their relations in the wake of present trade dispute.

In his keynote address at the 9th China-US Civil Peace Forum here, Vice Minister of the International Department, Central Committee of CPC, Wang Yajun emphasized that the people to people interaction was key for normal relations between the two countries.

He stressed that trade and investment was beneficial for both the countries and the development of bilateral relations.

President of American Chamber of Commerce in China, Alan Beebe said the current situation has introduced great unpredictability and added there would be no winners in the trade war.

He also supported the idea that people to people ties were vital to improving the relations between the world’s two largest economies.

Professor of Political Science at Boston College, Associate and Executive Committee Member, John King Fairbank Centre for Chinese Studies, Harvard University Dr Robert S Ross opined that China needed to maintain stable international economic order which must benefit all countries alongside China.

He remarked that the present trend of China-US relations would continue in future and said it was very important for the two countries to maintain civil communication.

He said the cooperation between societies was a cornerstone and strong foundation to hold back the escalation of competition. People of the two countries should not refrain from travelling to each other countries.

Founder of International Strategic Alliances, former member of Pacific Council for International Policy, Dr George P Koo said that people to people exchanges could help influence policies of governments.

β€œWe may not be able to see any immediate change or progress in next month or next year. But people to people, academics, journalists, scientists exchanges and others can help build bases more firmly to leap into a new era,” he added.

Board of Director and Chair, International Programmes Executive Committee, the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), Richard Harry Erstad said that recent announcement of tentative Phase–I agreement was a very good start, but at the same time there were some difficult goals the two countries have to achieve.

The economies of the both the countries were so interrelated that at the end of the day, people to people contacts would make the foundation of long term relations.

The expert hoped that the two countries will not only address short term trade deficit issues by purchasing but working on the structural issues in both China and the US.

They also say that despite ups and downs, four decades of China-US relations have witnessed tremendous achievements.

They hope these recent disagreements and disputes can be resolved properly based on rational attitudes and the right understanding.