CPEC, the project of hope and sharing: CPC

ISLAMABAD, Dec 20 (APP): The China Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) is the project of hope and sharing which would tremendously
benefit Pakistan and China as well as all the regional countries,
Vice Minister, International Department of Communist Party of China (CPC), Zheng Xiaosong said here Tuesday.
Xiaosong, who is heading a high level delegation of CPC to
Pakistan, made these remarks during a lecture here, which among others was attended by civil officials, retired military officers, academicians, media persons and representatives from civil society.
Deputy Chairman Senate, Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri,
Chairman Parliamentary Committee for China-Pakistan Economic
Corridor (CPEC), Mushahid Hussain Syed, Minister for Ports and
Shipping Senator, Mir Hasil Khan Bizenjo, Deputy High Commissioner
of China, Senators and Members of National Assembly were also
present on the occasion.
Xiasong said the Flagship CPEC project would help both
China and Pakistan to materialize their dreams i.e., it would help
China’s economic development while cushion Pakistan to become Asian
Tiger in the years to come.
He said strengthening of CEC projects would help enhance
economic development in the region particularly in Pakistan and
China adding that as many as 100 countries and organizations have
been cooperating to this `one belt and one road’ initiative, which
he said was the symbol of China-Pakistan friendship.
He said the project was actually `one corridor and many
passages’ which might cover all Pakistan and ensure economic
benefits to all.
He said that China and Pakistan were enjoying all-weather and
unique friendship and both the nations stand by each other.
He said that Pakistan and China have supported the stances and
viewpoints of each other on concerned issues at international
He said the friendship was the outcome of high level
political mutual trust and China values this friendship and will
never forget Pakistan.

Vice Minister, International Department of Communist Party of
China, Zheng Xiaosong while talking about the Chinese economy said
that due to the reformation and revolutionary policies, the CPC
government drove out as many as 700 million population out of
poverty adding that it aims to pull out remaining 50 million poor
people by 2020
He said, China’s focus was not merely on growth but it has
been working for promoting sustainable growth.
“Quality and efficiency of growth is our focus,” he said
adding that the country has developed concept which advocates that
growth would not be at the cost of environment, promotes openness to develop relationship with rest of the world and ensures that
dividends of growth are shared.
He said the growth rate of 6.7 percent has been witnessed
during this year so far adding that it would remain round about 6.5
percent during next five years.
He said the economic development of China would not only
benefit the country itself but would promote growth in Asia as well.
Talking about the political relations, he said that CPC has
developed relations with 600 political parties across the world,
including Pakistan.
He said the CPC has promoted ‘zero tolerance to
corruption’ culture and has punished 200 senior party leaders and
1.1 million party workers for their involvement in corruption.
“No matter who you are and how high you are in rank, you will
be punished for involvement in corruption.”
He said the party has devised guidelines regarding what
you can do and what not and there is redline which cannot be
He said the proper mechanism has been put in place to
maintain party discipline and fight other social evils inside the
Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Chairman Senate, Maulana
Abdul Ghafoor Haideri expressed the resolve that CPEC project would
be made successful despite the challenges.
He said the country had to face many challenges after the
agreement with China, however added that the designs of enemies to
make this project failure would be frustrated.
He said that Pakistan and China were enjoying friendly
relations and have stood by each other to support each other’s
stance on concerned issues.
Earlier, Mushahid Hussain Syed said that the Communist Party
of China was the symbol of unity, stability and prosperity which has
driven out millions of its people out of poverty.
He said that China is a factor which unites all the political
parties of Pakistan adding that with the launch of CPEC the friendly
relationship between the two countries entered into new phase.