LAHORE, Jan 31 (APP):President of Azad Kashmir Masood Khan Thursday said that the Pakistani youth should not accept the Indian propaganda on the status of occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a ceremony in connection with the Kashmir Solidarity Day by a private school at the Al-hamra here, he said the youth should create awareness on the Indian brutalities in the Indian Held Kashmir (IHK) through the social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram etc so that the world could know of the injustice being met to the Kashmiris.
President Azad Kashmir Masood Khan said India had failed to subjugate Kashmiri Muslims despite offering economic benefits and boons to the Kashmiris, adding that Indian government under Narendra Moodi had also failed to label Kashmiris as terroists.

He said India wanted to destabilise Pakistan, adding that all must work to arouse the conscience of the world on the human rights violations.
Masood Khan said that the release of a United Nations Human Rights Commission report on the brutalities by the Indians in IHK was true acceptance of the conflict and must pave the way for the right to self determination to the Kashmiris.
He said the Indian government had been trying in vain to propagate that Kashmir was an integral part of India.
President Masood Khan said Jammu and Kashmir was an integral part of Pakistan and Pakistan was incomplete without Kashmir, adding that Kashmiri raised Pakistani flags on all important occasions and had an emotional and inseparable relationship with Pakistan.
Masood Khan said violation of human rights was a common scene in the IHK and youth were brutally murdered and women raped every day by the Indian forces.
He said the Kashmiris were under subjugation for last 200 years since Raja Gulab Singh forcibly occupied and this occupation had contributed since 14 August 1947 when Indian annexed Kashmir against the wishes of the people.
President Masood Khan paid glowing tribute to the Kashmiri martyrs.
Punjab Higher Education Minsiter Raja Yasir Sarfraz Humayun speaking on the occasion, assured that Pakistan would continue provide diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiris.
He urged the youth to play their role in highlighting brutalities against the Kashmiris.
Journalists Aurya Maqbool Jan, Mujahid Mansoori and Rector Unique Group of Institutions also spoke on the occasion.