BISHAM, Dec 20 (APP): The difference of educational standard in Haripur and Kohistan districts of Hazara Division has negated the high claims of PTI’s government regarding imposition of education emergency in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Facts and figures compiled in a report of Alif Ailaan Wednesday revealed that Haripur was at first position while Kohistan was at the last position of 141 across the country. similarly, Shangla, another district, was declared at 130th position.
According to Alif Ailaan’s Regional Coordinator Hafiz-ur-Rehman, Kohistan and Shangla districts had shown slight improvement in educational scoring with 20.67 and 42.29 points respectively.
As far as infrastructure was concerned, the report said, the worst district was Shangla at 62 position as majority of the school buildings required rehabilitation. The ranking of Shangla regarding provision of electricity in schools was 62.51, of potable water 67.27, of bathrooms 83.47, of boundary walls 81.18, buildings 90.34 and basic structure 76.96 points.
Similarly in Kohistan the score relating to electricity was 69.37, of potable water 78.97, of bathrooms 80.69, of boundary walls 80.97, of buildings 94.1 and of schools 79.71, the report added.
Hafiz-ur-Rehman said Haripur, which was entry point of the Hazara Division, was at top of the ranking while Kohistan, the exit point of the division, was at the last number. The fact was a question mark on the performance of KP Education Department, which had time and again made announcements regarding imposition of educational emergency in the province, he added.