Welfare of State population, top agenda of incumbent regime: AJK PM

AJK PM Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq

MIRPUR ( AJK): Oct. 02 (APP): Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar ul Haq has said that the present government has no agenda other than the welfare of the people of the state.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony of Cardiac Hospital in the State metropolis on Monday, the PM said, “We will leave the government in case we fail to address the problems of the people of the state and restore their confidence”.

“People will lose their faith in the government if we fail in our efforts to strengthen the system and maintain the writ of the state”, the PM said. Reiterating his commitment to abide by the oath, the PM said that he would quit if he lost an absolute majority in the assembly.

Terming the welfare of the people as his government’s sole agenda, he said that safeguarding the constitutional rights of the people of the state was the responsibility of the coalition government.

Vowing to defend the rights of the people, the PM said that he would continue to raise his voice for the legitimate rights of his people at all available forums.

He, however, maintained that there was a dire need to realize our duties and responsibilities towards the state. He said that ruling and opposition parties were like two wheels of a chariot, necessary to run democracy.

The PM said, “As long as I am in the government, I will do my best to strengthen the system”.The AJK government, he said, would continue to lend its all-out political, moral and diplomatic support to Kashmiri brethren in their just struggle for the right to self-determination.

The PM issued directives for constituting a Board of Governors comprising members from lawyers, civil society and medical professionals to manage and run the hospital successfully.

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