WBC approves Pakistan vs Afghanistan Arabian Sea Title Belt fight

WBC approves Pakistan vs Afghanistan Arabian Sea Title Belt fight

ISLAMABAD, Sep 16 (APP): The World Boxing Council (WBC) has officially sanctioned the first Arabian Sea Title Belt fight between Afghanistan’s Ahmad Samir Dawrani and Pakistan’s Muzzafar Khan.

The 28-year-old Samir and the 27-year-old Muzzafar will box in the super welter division.

“We’ve received the letter of approval from WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman. Tentatively, the fight is scheduled to be held in November-December, this year,” Syed Nauman Shah, the president of Pakistan Professional Boxing League (PPBL) told APP on Thursday.

“But the exact date and venue of the fight will be announced shortly by the PPBL chairman retired Gen Ehsan-ul-Haq in a press conference,” he added.

Promoted by Afghan national, Fahim Ahmadzai the fight will be subject to the medical clearance of both boxers and with a valid boxing licence.

In the sanctioning letter, the copy of which is available with this news agency, the WBC President communicated to the PPBL that both boxers would be bound to abide by the WBC rules and regulations.

“Official approval of the bout is subject to the promoter Mr. Fahim Ahmadazi’s full timely compliance with the administrative requirements mandated by our rules and regulations,” Mauricio said.

“The WBC is proud to be part of the development of our sport in Pakistan and this region of the world. The WBC will follow the administrative and medical specific requirements,” he added.

The Arabian Sea region includes 16 countries – Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Djibouti, Maldives and India.

“It will be a very good event as pro boxers will be seen in action for the first time in Pakistan in a WBC event,” Nauman Shah said.

The fight was originally scheduled to take place on April 24 in Islamabad. But according to Nauman Shah the Covid-19 pandemic had forced the PPBL to put it hold for an indefinite period.

“Throughout this period, we remained in constant touch with the WBC. It is quite heartening now that finally we have got the nod to hold the event,” he said.

“The fight will give a big push to professional boxing in Pakistan. We are planning a host of other similar events to provide a perfect platform to the talented pugilists from the region to come in the limelight and showcase their talent to the world,” he maintained.