Water issue to be overpowered by June 15: NA told

ISLAMABAD, May 12 (APP): Minister for Water Resources Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah on Thursday informed the National Assembly that water shortage issue would hopefully be overpowered by June 15.

Responding to point of orders raised by several members about shortage of water in Sindh and Punjab provinces, the minister said the country was facing water shortage problem and tail areas of Sindh and Punjab were among the more sufferers.

He said that water shortage was an important issue as it pertained to our future. All our issues are mainly related with water, he added.

He said the temperature in Sakardu has risen to 27/28 degree centigrade resulting improved water inflow in Tarbela. This year, water inflow in Kabul River also remained low as compared to last year, he added.

The minister expressed the hope that the current water shortage situation would improve by June 30. He assured that all the provinces would be given water as per their share. Water shortage will also be shared with the provinces accordingly, he added.

He also requested the Punjab government to provide 200-300 cusecs water to Cholistan from its share.

Earlier, Fayyazuddin, Nawab Yousaf Talpur and other members said that many areas were facing acute shortage of water.