ISLAMABAD, July 23 (APP): The Embassy of Pakistan in Turkey held a vigil in Ankara to reaffirm Turkey’s traditional support for the just cause of Kashmir and condemn recent spate of violence and oppression unleashed by the security forces in the Indian Occupied Kashmir.

The event was part of `Black Day’ commemorations to protest against the atrocities committed against Kashmiri people and express solidarity with them.

Turkish dignitaries and speakers reiterated Turkey’s abiding
commitment at the event, said a message release received here Saturday.

Addressing the participants, Professor Dr. Oya Akg”nen‡, a
noted academic and former member of Turkish Parliament, stated that the world was saddened by the news of martyrdom of Burhan Wani.

She condemned the use of brutal force by the Indian forces
against the innocent Kashmiris who were protesting against the recent killing spree in Occupied Kashmir.

Muhammet Balta, Member of Turkish Parliament from Trabzon and Chairman of Turkey-Pakistan Parliamentary Friendship Group, said Turkey had been supporting Pakistan’s stance since 1947.

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“On this `Black Day,’ Turkey once again renews the commitment to support the resolution of Kashmir according to the wishes of Kashmiri people,” Balta said.

Burhan Kayaturk, Member of Parliament from Van and Chairman of Turkey-Pakistan Cultural Association, said Burhan Wani was not a threat to humanity, but was the voice of young Kashmiris demanding the universally recognized right to self-determination as promised
to them by India itself.

He called upon the United Nations to implement its resolutions on Kashmir, which promised the Kashmiri people to determine their future through a free and impartial plebiscite.

In his remarks, Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey Sohail Mahmood highlighted the untold sufferings of the Kashmiri people in the wake of excessive and indiscriminate use of force by the occupying forces against women, children and elderly – resulting in the martyrdom of nearly 50 Kashmiris, injuries to over 3,500, and permanent blindness for over 70 youth.

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Ambassador Sohail expressed the hope that the international
community would take cognizance of the grave human rights violations taking place against innocent, unarmed protestors in occupied Kashmir, which had already been noted by the UN Secretary General and the OIC and they had expressed their concern.

He hoped that the world community would also play its rightful role in promoting a just, peaceful and durable solution of the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmiri people.

The Ambassador also expressed sincere gratitude for the
unflinching support of the people and Government of Turkey for the cause of Kashmir.

The event concluded with the lighting of candles by all the
participants, commemorating the Kashmiri martyrs and pledging abiding support for the just cause of the Kashmiri people.