APP50-16 ISLAMABAD: June 16 – Malik Muhammad Ahmad Khan, Spokesperson Government of Punjab called on Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for IB&NH. APP

ISLAMABAD June 16 (APP): Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb Friday said that

it was imperative to use the modern and creative medium of films
to promote and project culture, heritage, traditions and screen
She made these remarks in a meeting with the spokesman
of the Punjab Government Malik Muhammad Ahmed Khan here. They
discussed the Films and Broadcasting Policy and the package announced
by the Prime Minister for the revival of the film industry.
Marriyum explaining the main contours of the package said
that it envisaged the establishment of National Film
and Broadcasting Commission, National Film Institute and a
Film Academy which would be equipped with the
state-of-the-art film production gadgets.
She said that the
package also included the launch of Prime Miniser’s Finance Fund
for Welfare of the Artists, besides concessions like relaxation
in the financial rules and tax exemptions for the film
makers. The minister said that the foreign film producers would
also be extended maximum possible facilities.
She said that Pakistan must be recognized as a peaceful
and free from suffocating environment country all over the world.
She said that during the past many years a heinous attempt was
made to distort the shining and real face of Pakistan through the
demon of terrorism. “Our culture was suppressed and regrettable
efforts were unleashed to generate negative mindset in the
country,” she added.
Marriyum said that removing despondency from the minds of
the people and turning it into a vibrant hope was one of the
top priorities of the PML(N) government and the revival of the
film industry could play a significant role in neutralizing the
negative and fissiparous tendencies as well as
providing healthy entertainment to the people.
She said that the true image of a democratic, peaceful,
enlightened and a pluralist society could be better mirrored
through quality films and that was why the present government was
striving to revive the film industry like other institutions of the
The minister revealed that a second round of consultations
with the artists and people connected with the film industry would
be held in Lahore wherein the steps taken by the Prime Minister
and the package announced by him would be presented before
the stakeholders in the film industry. The session, she said
will be presided by the Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif.
The Spokesman of the Punjab government Malik Muhammad Ahmed
Khan said that the provincial government would extend all possible
help for promoting the national identity and the revival of
the film industry, which he thought was an effective medium to
evolve a counter-narrative to terrorism. He said the PML (N)
government would persist with its policy to accord due veneration
to the artists, poets, literary personalities and writers.

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