Unity, key to all issues being faced by Muslim Ummah: Ashrafi

Saudi govt takes action against American journalist who sneaked in Makkah: Ashrafi
Saudi govt takes action against American journalist who sneaked in Makkah: Ashrafi

KUALA LUMPUR, June 30 (APP): Prime Minister’s Special Representative for Interfaith Harmony and Middle East Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi on Thursday said unity was the key to all issues being faced by Muslim Ummah across the world.

Addressing the South Asia Ulema-Mashaykh Conference here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia organized by Muslim World League and Malaysian Ministry of Religious Affairs, the prime minister’s special aide said the problems of the Islamic world could not be resolved without unity and stability of the Muslim Ummah. He said the issues of Islamophobia, blasphemy, terrorism and extremism had to be thwarted by unity. He proposed that Muslim Ummah must get united to resolve the burning issues of Kashmir and Palestine.

He further said interfaith dialogue was also need of the hour for the promotion of religious harmony on the globe. It was the responsibility of the Ulema and Mashaykh to project the soft image of Islam in the world through its actual teachings and let the world know that it was a religion of peace and brotherhood and it had nothing to do with terrorism and extremism.

The conference was attended by 60 delegates from different countries and hundreds of Malaysian religious scholars, Muftis and Ulemas-Mashaykh also attended the conference.

Ashrafi highlighted that the message of Islam was peace and security, which needed to be made public.

He said in prevailing circumstances, evil forces were surfacing against Islam and Muslims and it was the responsibility of religious scholars to contain these anarchists and guide the people particularly youth against all these miscreants.

He said all those elements spreading terrorism and extremism in the name of Islam had damaged Islam to a great extent.

He said we had to keep this thing in our minds that Kashmir and Palestine were those wounds of the Muslim Ummah from which blood was constantly oozing. The Kashmir and Palestine issues would be resolved only when the Muslim Ummah would get united, he added.

He said the religious scholars of Pakistan were ready to cooperate in every possible way for the resolution of issues of the Muslim Ummah.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation and Rabita-e-Alam-e-Islami (Muslim World League) were the most disciplined organizations of the Muslims. Rabita-e-Alam-e-Islami had the honor of uniting Ulema, Mashaykh and the religious scholars on the issues of the Muslim Ummah, he maintained.

Ashrafi said, “We are grateful to the leadership of Saudi Arabia, Khadim-e-Harmain Al-Sharifain Shah Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman and Mufti-e-Azam Saudi Arabia for extending cooperation with Muslim World League.”

He also thanked the Malaysian prime minister and Ministry of Religious Affairs for organizing this great conference saying that on behalf of government of Pakistan and Pakistan Ulema Council, he extended his all support to every positive step taken by this august forum.

“We own a very clear and explicit stance that Harmain Al-Sharifain is the center of unity and stability of the Muslim Ummah and whatever voice is raised from Makkah and Madina will be a source of strength and stability for the Muslims,” he said.

The ‘South Asia Ulema-Mashaykh Conference’ was chaired by Muslim World League Secretary General Dr Muhammad bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa while Malaysian Prime Minister Haji Muhammad Sabri Yaqoob attended the conference as chief guest.