Uncontrolled population threat multiplier for Pakistan: Sherry

Uncontrolled population threat multiplier for Pakistan: Sherry

ISLAMABAD, Sep 19 (APP): Senator Sherry Rehman on Tuesday said the country must reframe discussions around family planning and population management, which was not a controversial issue but an essential component of development, whereas an uncontrolled population was a threat multiplier for the country.

Senator Sherry Rehman delivered a keynote speech centered on the theme of “Population & National Adaptation Plan (NAP) 2023”, at the 9th Meeting of the Parliamentary Forum on Population Council.

In her remarks, she unpacked crucial aspects of population management, population control stigmas, women’s empowerment, climate resilience, and the role of public-private partnerships. She said, “Political parties and all other stakeholders should unite to champion effective population management.”

Sherry said, “Empowering women to make decisions about their families is paramount. Initiated and designed by Shaheed Benazir Bhutto to address population growth, the Lady Health Workers Programme plays a pivotal role today in delivering health services. The dedication and work of Lady Health Workers should be acknowledged. The programme has the capacity to address the challenge of a growing population and raise public awareness.”

“Pakistan’s high population growth rate has impeded our progress. Slowing down population growth is essential for sustainable development.” She added, “Population data forms the cornerstone of informed decision-making. It must be accurate, widely accepted, and a shared knowledge base for our population management and planning efforts,” Sherry said.

She said, “Our population’s vulnerability to climate change underscores the need for effective population management. Growing populations multiply the climate-related challenges because uncontrolled population growth is a threat multiplier.”

“Investing in human capital, especially our youth’s education and skills development, is critical for our country’s growth. Public-private partnerships can be a game-changer in addressing population challenges and leveraging digital technology for outreach and services,” she concluded.

The 9th Meeting of the Parliamentary Forum on Population Council brought together policymakers, experts, and organizations to address critical issues related to population management and development in Pakistan.

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