UN asked to fulfill obligations towards Kashmiris’ rights

UN asked to fulfill obligations towards Kashmiris’ rights

ISLAMABAD, Feb 04 (APP):‘World Forum for Peace & Justice,’ Chairman Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, on Saturday called upon the international community and the UN Secretary General to fulfill their obligations towards peace as well as realization of the Kashmiris’ rights as enshrined in the UN Security Council resolutions.

In a statement, Fai said if there had been popular support in Kashmir for joining India, the dispute over Kashmir would have lasted for a year or so at the most. It would have dissolved long ago.

He forewarned India that it is time to end the violence. It’s time to end the charade. It’s time for Kashmiris to sort out their own affairs and determine their own future, Fai added.

While thanking the people of Pakistan for their continuous diplomatic support for the cause of Kashmir, Dr. Fai elucidated that the response by the world powers, including the United States to the Kashmiri situation must be based on the principles of the right of the people with a distinct historical and cultural identity to decide their own future; the sanctity of international agreements worked out by the United Nations; a peaceful and stable subcontinent free from the possibility of a regional nuclear exchange; and the consistent application of human rights standards.

Such an approach could lead to a just and peaceful resolution of the 76-year-old dispute that would be a lasting credit to U.S. foreign policy under the Biden administration. On the other hand, reluctance to undertake such an initiative neither contributes to a long-term strategy of global peace and security nor answers the demands of human conscience and the principles of justice, Fai explained.

Resolving the Kashmir dispute requires a careful evaluation of its many points of contention and addressing them one by one in a carefully drawn-out process in which coming to an agreement on each sets the stage for moving on to the next.

The most basic set of principles must be established and adhered to regarding human rights, the interests of the Kashmiris themselves, and the preservation of vital interests that both India and Pakistan have at stake, and then to proceed with steps toward objectives that result in a win-win solution for all.

Dr. Fai warned that gimmickry and maneuvers, no matter by whom encouraged and approved, cannot be a response to a demand for which tens of thousands have shed their blood in Kashmir. To ignore this principle is to plan for failure.