Ukrainians celebrating visa-free travel to EU: Envoy

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ISLAMABAD, Jun 11 (APP): Ukrainians are celebrating Sunday
first day of visa-free travel to most European Union countries.
On which President Petro Poroshenko has been welcomed as a “a final
‘goodbye’ to the Russian Empire.”
This was stated by Ambassador of Ukraine in Pakistan, Volodymyr
He said that now Ukrainian citizens who had biometric
passports could enter to all EU member states except Ireland and
the United Kingdom without a visa for up to 90 days during any 180-
day period, said a press release here.
The ambassador said that visa would be necessary for four
Schengen area countries that are not in the EU including Norway,
Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.
Volodymyr Lakomov said that “The visa-free regime for Ukraine
has started, Glory to Europe, Glory to Ukraine,” adding Poroshenko wrote on
Twitter after hundreds of Ukrainians crossed the EU border.
“It will create new opportunities for all of us, strengthening
our economies, or security, and our friendship,” he said. “And this
is what our partnership is all about: making a difference to our
citizens’ everyday life.”
The ambassador said that Ukrainians will be able “to travel to
33 countries of West Europe without any visa requirements.”
He said that the visa-free regime was “just the first step”
toward “intensifying relations” between the EU and Ukraine.
“We must returned Ukrainians history, decision of the EU
is so important, a long process has been completed, first of all, it
goes about the return of Ukraine to its historic place among the
European countries, not only about the visa-free border crossing,”
he added.