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Two-Day Int’l Law Summer School held by IPRI

ISLAMABAD, May 17 (APP):A two-day International Law Summer School was conducted by the ‘Law Chair’ of the Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI).
The theme was “International Organizations as Regulators: Pakistan’s Experience,” and it was a part of a series of international law events for the year aimed at building international legal capacity amongst young legal practitioners in Pakistan, said a news release issued here.
The speakers provided their insight on areas of international law that are relevant globally and are also of pressing concern for Pakistan’s current legal and geopolitical situation.
Two-Day Int'l Law Summer School held by IPRI
Special stress was laid on the responsibility for regulating state actions at the global level and evaluating the functioning and work of these institutions with regards to Pakistan’s experience.
Maham Naweed, Chair of International Law at IPRI, introduced the course work and stressed the need for out-of-the-box thinking on critical issues of lawfare while dealing with national issues on the global front.
The panel of distinguished speakers’ included Dr. Sikandar Ahmad Shah, Sarah Bilal, Malik Sikandar Hayat, Dr. Faiza Ismail, Dr. Aneel Salman, and Dr. Shehryar Sikandar Hamid.
A session was dedicated to the United Nations Security Council, and the lecture revolved around the theme of international peace and security. The speaker also discussed Pakistan’s experience with the Security Council and its stance on global issues.
Another session revolved around GSP+, its structure, mandate, and workings, and Ms. Sarah Bilal outlined the tough conditions that Pakistan has to meet in order to sustain its GSP+ status.
The role of the International Criminal Police Organization enlightened the audience regarding INTERPOL, explaining it also from the perspective of Pakistan.
The emphasis was laid on the importance of international cooperation and the channels of outreach.
The discussion on the World Trade Organization, FATF, and the International Monetary Fund drew immense interest from the students, who put across their state of mind on the evolving situation and as to how Pakistan can make inroads for attaining economic sustainability and progress.
The students were from different Varsities of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad and evinced keen interest in it.
Certificates were also given to the participants in summer school.

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