Troops carrying out relief operation in rain-hit area of Chitral

RAWALPINDI, July 3 (APP): Troops of Pakistan Army are engaged in
carrying out relief and rescue activities in Chitral area where flash floods have played havoc with the civic life.
On Saturday late, in village Ursoon, Nullah flooded in area 6-7 KM
northwest of Domil Nisar badly affecting houses while a few residents
were also reported to be missing, an ISPR news release here on Sunday stated.

In the village five houses were completely washed away while some
others were damaged which also caused injuries to the residents.

Besides, providing relief and rescue assistance, the troops also evacuated some injured for medical treatment while the marooned people were given away edibles to ensure their survival and sustainence.

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Troops also had provided tents and medical aid to affected people.
The Lama helicopter of Army made five trips from Chitral to Ursoon village and evacuated injured besides carrying ration.

Search operation for missing persons was also in progress, it added.