Tourists afraid of boars’ encounter ask for security measures

MURREE, Oct 5 (APP): Tourists, weary of ‘frequent encounters’ with boars during night strolls in the hill station, have called for specific measures to address the nuisance which spoils their holiday vibes.

A tourist family who was enjoying a walk at Bansra Galli was astonished to see a freely roaming wild boar that forced them to leave the place in a state of shock.

“It was almost 10.30 pm on Monday when my family noticed a pale skinned boar in Bansra Gali. It was so close to us that we were scared to be hurt and left the place in fear”, said Wajahat Rajab, a frequent tourist of Malika-e-Kohsar.

He said it was quite unexpected and unusual as his family had never seen this creature before while they used to have late night walks here. “Night movement will be a matter of concern and consideration now,” he remarked.

Shahab Abbasi, a resident of village Upper Massot said pigs tend to enter villagers’ fields during late night hours. He said a couple of days ago three pigs came to consume his Maize crop and he gunned one of them down while the other two disappeared.

“They have damaged the Maize crops and their residue is not even sniffed by other animals like goat and cow,” he said.

“The wild boars used to reside within the forest earlier but after the trees were cut down to build Expressway these boars found the route to enter the nearby villages with quite an ease,” said Rashid Ali a resident of Laakot.

“You cannot ignore such incidents at a place daily visited by thousands of the tourists from across the country and even abroad,” said a frightened tourist Aruj a member of the family who had an encounter with a pig at night.

The residents and tourists have demanded the authorities concerned to ensure strict safety measures, especially stopping their entry on roads by installing safety walls or barbed wires.

The relevant authorities in Murree however could not be reached for comments.