This is not accountability; this is exploitation: PM

APP48-20 LOWARI: July 20 - Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressing public gathering after inauguration of Lowari Tunnel at Dir Upper. APP

LOWARI, July 20 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz
Sharif Thursday warned his opponents not to test his patience
and said he was being victimised in the name of accountability;
something which the people of Pakistan would not accept.
Addressing the inauguration of the mutli-billion 10 km
long Lowari Tunnel, he said those demanding
his resignation needed a reality check as they had been
rejected by the masses, not only in 2008, 2013 and would be
rejected again in 2018.
The prime minister said the people of Chitral and Dir
would be at the forefront in defeating such elements.
He said he had not been brought into power by the
votes of those people and they had no right to ask for his
“Stop this circus now, and do not test my patience. Do not test it my
brother,” he said in a strong message to his opponents, while addressing
the large gathering of people hailing from Chitral and Dir.
Prime Minister Sharif who earlier unveiled a plaque to
inaugurate the project said today some people were talking
about his accountability.
“They are seeking accountability of a person who is
building power plants, roads, infrastructure and changing the
lives of the people,” he said.
Pointing out the PTI, the prime minister said, “It is exploitation,
not accountability. No one in Pakistan will accept it. I have always asked what corruption have I done? Have I got some commission by selling trees, Did I get kickbacks of billions in Lowari Tunnel, in new roads, or power projects?
On the contrary, we saved Rs168 billion in three power projects.I cannot
tolerate such ridiculous allegations against me. For me, my respect and that of my family is far more important than anything else.”
He said anyone daring to disrespect me should first see his own
He said when his party came into power, the world was
viewing the country as a failed state, the country was plunged
in darkness, with depressing economic indicators, lawlessness
and terrorism.
He recalled that the four-month long sit-in in front of the
parliament dug the grave of democracy, put a shroud on the constitution and law of the land, and tried in vain to bury the system.
He said a staged play was enacted but we refused to bow
to such elements of disruption and chaos. “I only bow to Allah
Almighty and no one else.”
The prime minister said he was very pleased to be
amongst his people on this joyous occasion as a dream project
was being completed.
He said it was the Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz that
was building the real new Pakistan and said after completing
the Lowari Tunnel, they will also build a Women University in
He mentioned several other projects in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) including
the Hazara Motorway.
He said it was his party that was also building the new KP.
He said it was his desire to build a motorway type road
upto Chitral and upgrade it to the level of Lahore, Karachi
and Islamabad.
Nawaz Sharif said earlier Chitral was cut
off from the entire country and had no means of communication
for four months in the winters.
He said the project was launched in 1974 and should have
been completed by 1980, but no one was interested in
completing the project and serving the people living in this
remote area.
He said over 98 per cent of the work had been
completed while assuring that the rest would complete soon.
He said he asked the National Highway Authority Chairman
to complete the project and he was informed
that it would cost billions, but he directed to complete the
project, whatever the cost.
He said the Lowari Tunnel was now
open for traffic and now the people could utilize it.
The prime minister also announced provision of
electricity for the people of Dir and said efforts were
underway for providing it natural gas.
He said no matter, what it would cost, the people of Dir would
definitely get the gas.
He accepted the demands of the local MNA
Iftikharuddin, who got his seat from former President
Pervaiz Musharraf’s party, and said it was during Musharraf’s
tenure that he was hand-cuffed and sent behind the bars.
“Neither I bowed even at that time, nor I will do so
now,” he maintained.

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