“Every year, we commemorate the Karbala incident on the Ashura
day. The day has immense significance in our national and religious
lives. The Karbala incident gives us the courage to resist the
forces of oppression and act forthrightly in favour of truth.
Hazrat Imam Hussain (May Allah be pleased with him) rejected
all kinds of tyranny and coercion. Inspite of surrendering before
the oppressive ruler, he upheld the principles of truth. He regarded
it as vital to protect the basic right of freedom and respecting the
consensus of Ummah which is truly in accordance with the principles
of Islam.
This is the spirit which is evident from the martyrdom of the
grandson of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). The example
of such great sacrifice is unprecedented in history. The message of
Hazrat Imam Hussain (May Allah be pleased with him) is a beacon for
all generations.
The dear homeland Pakistan was created for the materialization
of same great objectives. To uphold these principles, the family of
Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) had laid their lives.
On this day, we must recognize the elements who are harming
the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and want to shatter the unity of
nation in pursuance of their selfish interests. We must shun our
lingual, sectarian and provincial differences and need to develop
the qualities of brotherhood, unity, discipline and sacrifice within
ourselves. By following these teachings of Imam Hussain (RA), the
problems facing the country can be overcome.
In view of the ongoing situation of Pakistan, we need to get
disciplined and united much more than ever, so as to thwart the evil
designs of enemies. This is the need of hour and our survival lies
in this practice.
May Allah guide us all and protect us. Amen”