Tanzara solo exhibition begins

Tanzara solo exhibition begins

ISLAMABAD, Feb 17 (APP): Tanzara Art Gallery Thursday organized a solo exhibition under the titled ‘Life & some other beautiful things’ by Irfan Cheema aiming to showcase the hidden talent of artistic work.

The exhibition will continue till February 23 under complete Standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Tanzara Gallery takes pleasure in presenting ‘Life and some other beautiful things’ a solo exhibition by Shanghai based Pakistani artist Irfan Cheema who is known for his timeless still life paintings ,said a press release issued here.

He is a classical realist painter,but his paintings are more than an imitation of what is seen.

He has the magic of capturing the essence of the vignette that he replicate son canvas.

His paintings which may all be described as beautiful make references to beauty in its various guises and attributes such as pattern and decoration nature and sensuality clarity of colour luminosity and convincing detail and to symbolic references of femininty and temporality.

Beauty seems to be almost embedded within the very subject he paints.His work overall celebrates nature life and heritage of places.

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