Tahira Aurangzeb calls for speedy, equal justice to all

Tahira Aurangzeb calls for speedy, equal justice to all

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): Member National Assembly and Senior leader PML-N, Tahira Aurangzeb Saturday called for speedy justice for all anda sked the former Prime Minister Imran Khan to stop spreading chaos in the country with aim to achieve his political motives.

Talking to a Private news channel, she criticized that Pakistan was faced with multidimensional challenges today but the PTI chairman was bent upon causing further instability in the country.

She said the democratic forces and the whole nation stand behind their armed forces who have given immense sacrifices in the war on terrorism, adding that a self-interest person was befooling his innocent supporters with lies and deceit.

Khan is destroying our ancestors, our children and our country, which we will not allow at any cost,” she

Replying to a question, she said that Imran Khan and his facilitators were responsible for all crises, including economic, being faced by the country today.

She said that negative elements only wished to keep Nawaz Sharif out of the upcoming general election process, but it was not possible as the people of the country supported Nawaz Sharif’s vision, adding that it was the people’s belief that the country could make progress only under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif.

To another question, she said Khan took U-turn on his almost every stance whether it was related to the regime change conspiracy or the court arrest movement announced by Imran Khan.

She also appealed to the judiciary to take decisions on merit instead of popularity as everybody was equal before the law under the Constitution.

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