HYDERABAD, Dec 8 (APP): The people of Sindh will celebrate a unique cultural day, the Sindhi Topi, (Ekta Day) on December 13.
Various political parties, civil societies and organizations of Sindh have supported the day.
Several rallies were also held even on Saturday and Sunday in various cities of Sindh to welcome the Sindhi topi day.

In anticipation of the celebrations, the sale of Sindhi topi has significantly increased and in some cities, the traditional Sindhi cap has already disappeared from the markets.
The Sindhi cap is regarded as one of the most essential parts of the Sindhi culture and usually Sindhi people offer this traditional cap and ajrak to their guests as a token of respect.

The Sindhi cap is famous all over the world including Pakistan, where
not only Sindhi people, but also the Baloch and Pukhtoon people wear this cap.