Ali Zaidi

ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (APP):Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Haider Zaidi Monday said that Sindh Government is trying to distance themselves from the FIR and arrest
Safdar Awan, son in law of PML-N Leader Nawaz Sharif.

In a statement made on social media, he said that Muhammad Zubair selling nonsense narrative that Chief Minister Sindh told, IG Sindh was kidnapped and forced to register FIR, adding that “If this is true then CM Sindh must fire IG Sindh or resign himself as his orders were not followed”.

“I demand that CM Sindh immediately and publicly reject Muhammad Zubair’s comments attributed to him about kidnapping of IG Sindh” he said.

He said that Zubair decrying about ‘state terrorism’ regarding the arrest of Safdar Awan, adding that If arresting a criminal is state terrorism, then what was Model Town massacre by police under Shahbaz.

He said that “lastly, certain elements in the media and opposition parties are unsuccessfully trying to confuse the issue of Safdar’s arrest”, adding that “instead of focusing on the crime he committed, they are asking how Safdar was charged and arrested”.

The minister sharing Sindh Police Tweet, said what kind of mockery is this? “Sindh police tweets about the arrest and then deletes the tweet! Even a zoo is run in a much more organized manner! Now Zubair is caught lying with his fist in the candy jar! Pathetic bunch of liars selling their souls to save their corrupt leadership” he said.