Sherry appeals masses to use water judiciously amid lurking shortage crisis

Sherry briefs Kerry on climate change impacts over Pakistan
Sherry briefs Kerry on climate change impacts over Pakistan

ISLAMABAD, May 23 (APP): Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman on Monday appealed to the masses for judiciously using water as the threat of scarcity was lurking due to prolonged dry and hot weather.

In her public awareness message on water security, the federal minister said the water situation in Pakistan was depicting severe shortage.

Sherry said: “We have to become responsible citizens and reduce water consumption and try to use less water in the workplace, factories, farms, and homes”.

There was a severe shortage of water in our rivers, barrages and canals, whereas the Indus River was suffering from drought, she added.

“If there is water then there is life, if there is water then there is everything”, Sherry Rehman underscored.

The United Nations, she said, has indicated that there would be severe water shortage in Pakistan by 2025.

“Our per capita water consumption is in the four countries that use the most water in the world. We have to use water very responsibly and with discipline”, the minister said.

“Water is our national resource, its conservation is our national duty”, Sherry Rehman said.

She mentioned that the nation would be able to save Pakistan’s life, agriculture, economy and their lives by using water wisely.

“Let’s use water responsibly together and save our resources”, Sherry Rehman concluded.