Shabbar Zaidi is a regular tax payer: FBR record refutes social media

ISLAMABAD, May 09 (APP):The newly appointed Chairman Federal Board of Revenue Syed Muhammad Shabbar Zaidi is a regular tax payer and paid Rs 17.89 million (Rs17,897,927) in the tax year 2018.
According to documents seen by APP the new FBR Chief having the CNIC: 42301-1740521-7, paid Rs 15.36 million (Rs15,369,849) for tax year 2017; Rs 11.2 million (Rs11,206,943) for tax year 2016 and Rs 7.3 million Rs 7,369,820) for Tax year 2015.
Contrary to the social media reports and the report by a news channel, the FBR record shows that Shabbar Zaidi has been filing his returns regularly.
Shabbar also holds the coveted position of being the highest tax payer amongst the Chartered Accountants and was duly recognised by being given an award for being amongst the top tax payers.