ISLAMABAD, July 21 (APP): Lawmakers in the Senate on Thursday strongly condemned Indian forcesΓÇÖ atrocities on innocent Kashmiris people struggling for their just cause of self determination called upon the United Nations and International Community to play their proactive role to stop India naked aggression besides resolving the long standing issue of Kashmir.

They also urged upon the UN, International Human Rights Organizations and International Community to take notice of the Indian atrocities and forced India to stop aggression against the innocent people.

Opening discussion on the adjournment motion regarding the recent wave of aggression by the Indian Forces in India Held Kashmir (IHK) resulting killings and injuries of innocent Kashmiris, Jamiat i Isami Amir Sarajul Haq said Kashmiris people celebrated Eid with Pakistan despite the fact the Indian government had not announced Eid on that day.

Similarly, he added Kashmiris observe Black Day on independence of India, which shows that Kashmiris was never ready to lead life of subjugation.

He said Indian army committed atrocities against Kashmiri people who had been struggling for their right to independence.

He said since Pakistan and India were nuclear states and resolution of Kashmir issue was necessary for ensuring peace in the entire region.

He said all rivers were flowing from Kashmir valley and India had hands in activities against Pakistan and lose no opportunities to choke water in order to weaken Pakistan economically.

Thus, he was of the view it was crucial to resolve the Kashmir issue, but unfortunately, he Pakistani rulers could not give due attention to issue and it had been still lingering on.

He said Syed Ali Raza Gilani formula which urged UN Secretary General to play his role for resolving the Kashmir issue, adding the formula also provided for withdrawal Indian forces, revoking of black laws and release of all political prisoners.

He said the formula was very logical and the government should support it for resolve Kashmir issue.

Besides convening all political parties, he said National Assembly and Senate joint session should convene to work out a policy reflecting sentiments of the entire nation.

Indian forces were using legthal weapons against Kashmiris and several children had gone blind as a result and added the UN should also play role with regard to Kashmir issue as it swiftly resolved East Taimur and Sudan issues.

He said his party had also called a all political parties conference on July 29 to discuss issues with regard to Kashmir.

Sassi Palejo of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) said India was committing atrocities against people of Kashmir and children had been made as a result of lethal weapons.

She said India was pursuing double standard on Kashmir issue and its lobby was active against Pakistan at each forum.

She was of the view Pakistan and India were both nuclear states and they did not indulged in arm race and rather there was a need to invest in education, but she said it was possible when Kashmir issue was resolved. She said the United Nations forum should be used to resolve the Kashmir issue.

Azam Swati of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) was of the view Kashmir dispute should be taken to UN while presenting it as humanitarian issue in order to set Kashmiris set from shackles of slavery.

He expressed the hope that supreme sacrifices of Kashmiris would bear fruit and get freedom soon.

He said Indian forces had been torturing women and children, but he added international community should take notice of it. However, he was of the view the issue should be resolved through peaceful means.

Mushahid Hussain Syed of PML Q said Pakistan and Indian were nuclear arms neighbour and Indian had deployed over 600,000 army which larger solider and civilian ratio in the world.

He added young men and girls had been made blinded as a result of weapons by the Indian forces in the Occupied Kashmir.

He said public opinion had changed with regard to Kashmir issue, adding China had expressed deep concerns on atrocities against Kashmiris by Indian security forces in the occupied valley.

Similarly, he said Daily New York Times had published an article highlighting the at Indian core values were being undermined, adding hearing on human rights situation in Kashmir was held in US and expressed concerns.

Thus, he said Pakistan should effectively utilize the opportunity for resolve Kashmir issue.

He was also of view that to avoid pursuing often repeated policy in Afghanistan and Kashmiri struggle should be presented as genuine and we should not support armed struggle there.

He said international community should also play its role to resolve the issue for ensuring peace in the entire region.
Chaudhry Tanvir Khan of PML N said all parties conference should be convened to frame a policy and get across a message of unity on Kashmir world over.

Senator Sherry Rehman of PPP said joint sitting of parliament should be called to work out more effective measures on resolution of Kashmir issue.

She was of the views that think tanks and mediaΓÇÖs services should be utilized to effectively highlight Kashmir issues, adding a special envoy should be appointed to on Kashmir issue should be appointed to play role.
OIC should play role and they need to play part for lobby on Kashmir issue.
She said social media should also be utilized to educate people across the world and apprise them about facts and atrocities of Indian forces against Kashmiris by the Indian forces Sehar Kamran of PPP said embassies should play role and to effectively highlight the Kashmir issue at international forum as she said Kashmir issue gave rise to arms race.

Senator Abdul Qayum of PML N said we should not lose courage and should be hopeful that Kashmir dispute would be resolved after all.

He said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had played important role in highlighting the issue at all levels.
Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani said first blinded Children and then International community.

Hafiz Hamdullah of JUI F urged the International community and human rights originations to play role while presently he added they were kept mum on atrocities against Kashmiris in occupied Kashmir which was a sheer hypocrisy.

Taj Haider said media and human rights organizations should allowed to visit and take stock of human rights situatin in Occupied Kashmir.

He said Pakistan wanted peace and consider that war was not solution to Kashmir issue, adding International community should come forward to resolve the issue.

He said all parties should sit together to launch movement worldwide, highlighting Kashmir as humanitarian issue.

Mukhtar Ahmad of PPP said the Pakistan and its parliament should play its role to highlight the plight of innocent Kashmiris.

He said that a joint session should be convened to discuss Indian forces atrocities on Kashmiris people.

He said the International Community should also play its role to force India to resolve the long standing issue of Kashmir.
Najma Hameed of PML N suggested the Kashmiris people should be given free visas in order to facilitate them to visit both sides.