ISLAMABAD, Jan 29 (APP):Senators from Treasury and Opposition benches on Tuesday participated in the debate on Finance
Supplementary (Second Amendment) Bill, 2019, and recommended various options to make the bill more effective and helpful for improving the living standard of the country’s people.

Participating in the debate, senators from government benches termed the Finance Bill as positive for people of the country that would be helpful in improving the economic condition of the country besides changing the life of common man.
Senators from opposition benches criticized the bill, suggesting the government to include inputs from the parliamentarians for further improving it.

Senator Abida Muhammad Azeem suggested the government to make this budget pro poor by including positive inputs from senators.
She said that more practical steps should be taken for benefit of poor segment of the society.

Senator Sherry Rehman said that due to economic mismanagement, the government has presented its third budget.
She said that the rates of daily food items were increasing.
She said that the government could not make proper planning to address the economic issues being faced by the country. She added practical steps should be taken rather depending on just propaganda.

She observed that foreign direct investment figures were not satisfactory and asked the government to address this matter. She said that the figure of external loans was increasing day by day.

Senator Siraj-ul-Haq said that consistent policies should be adopted by the government to get progress in different sectors.
He said that the government should make strong and effective economic policy.

He said that the present government was not responsible for worst economic situation however it should effectively handle the situation as early as possible.

Siraj said that per capital income was very low in the country as compared with the other developing countries.

He was of the view that very low amount has been allocated for education and health sector and urged the government to increase this allocation to ensure quality health and education system.

Senator Mahr Taj Roghani said that if the country’s industry would run than it would have trickle down effects on economy and ultimately on poor people.

She said that the present government had planned to boost local industry.
She said that the government had given relief to media and such policy would continue in future.