ISLAMABAD, JULY 18(APP): Senators on Monday paid rich tribute to the great Abdul Sattar Edhi, saying there was a dire need to teach students about his services for humanity.

Paying tribute to the philanthropist, Khush Bakht Shjaat said Abdul Sattar Edhi helped out the poor people and orphans who were expelled from their houses.

Azam Swati said Abdul Sattar Edhi worked for the entire humanity and his works should be promoted, adding, he set example for all of usl to follow.

Saeed Ghani paying tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi said his organization should be strengthened and expanded to work for the destitute people more vigorously.

Muhahid Hussain said he raised voice for the poor people and his services would be remembered in the history for ever.

Ilyas Bilour said Edhi was very simple person and he raised funds for the poor persons who were expelled from houses. He did excellent job for the service of humanity.

Nihal Hashmi said Abdul Sattar projected true picture of a social welfare state and similarly presented true picture of Islam which put high value on serving humanity.

He said Abdul Sattar Edhi was a great management master and he should be introduced as subject as a management expert for students in educational institutions.

He said the great philanthropist also set a good lesson for the NGOs as he did not lend foreign funds, adding these organizations should follow his foot prints to serve humanity.

He said Abdul Sattar set example for the rulers that people could also be served and extended relief within limited resources as well.

Senator Col® Tahir Hussain Mashahdi said Abdul Sattar Edhi worked for the humanity, adding we got education but did not become good human and the message should be promoted as to how he become a great human who served people selflessly while getting lesson from life of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

He was of the view that Abdul Sattar’s institution should not be brought under government control as the measure could made vulnerable to instance of corruption.

Since, he added promoted message of love and peace, thus noble peace prize be announced for him.

Hasil Khan Bazenjo said children should be taught about Abdul Sattar Edhid who was a role model and worked for humanity throughout his life.

He served humanity without discrimination, adding secularism approach should also be adopted by us all which was a need of hour and served humanity without any discrimination.

Senator Usaman Kakar said Abdul Sattar performed such a great job for serving the poor people and the rulers should learn lesson from it.

Khalida Parveen said she also endorsed to include Abdul Sattar name in syllabus for students.

Senator Hafiz Hamdullah said Allah Almighty would reward those who worked for welfare of people and humanity without any discrimination.

He said Abdul Sattar Edhi transparently spent funds and did not erected palaces which was an example for rulers.

Senator Mir Kabir said he saluted him for his supreme services. He said he led simple life and did not travel in luxurious cars but in ambulances.

Shahi Sayed also paid rich tribute to late Abdul Sattar Edhi saying he helped out helpless people despite difficulties in his life.

Sardar Azam Musa Khel also highlighted services of Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Perveen Kalsum said he faced hardships during his life but he showed patience. She prayed May Allah almighty born such more people in our country.

Sajid Mir also paid tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi sayin his services were matchless for humanity.

Sherry Rehman said he was the most deserved person for rewards. She said other than PPP, no other government worked for a social welfare state.

But she said Abudl Sattar Edhi worked for social welfare state, adding his services should be promoted.

She said community service should be taught to our children and Abdul Sattar Edhi set a bet example in this regard, she added.

Raheela Magsi said Abdul Sattar said Abdul Sattar Edhi services should also be taught to students in educational institutions.

Barrister Saif said there was a need to implement messages and work of Abdul Sattar Edhi in our practice otherwise all these narrations would prove to be lip service only.
Senator Mohsin Laghari said he helped out needy people and these people were leading comfortable life.

Farooq H Naek was of the view dossier should be prepared to tell
entire world including the US and the United Nations about work of Abdul Sattar Edhi whose services were example for all.

Senotor Mushadullah said Abdul Sattar Edhi did not beg money from any
NGO and always worked for poor people.

He said he was so simple person that he spent his entire life just in two suits. He said his services should be inculcated among students.

The Chairman senate also constitute a committee to pursue for noble peace prize for late Abdul Sattar Edhi.

The special committee include former chairmen senate- Wasim Sajaad, Nayar Bukhari, Mian Muhammad Soomro, Farooq H. Naik beside the present Leader of the House and leader of opposition.