Senate unanimously adopts resolution demanding improved security for humanitarian workers


ISLAMABAD, Nov 27 (APP): The Senate on Monday adopted a unanimous resolution demanding that all governments, including the government of Pakistan, enhance measures to provide better security for humanitarian workers.

The resolution was tabled by Senator Sania Nishtar.

The resolution said, “The Senate commemorates World Humanitarian Day on August 19 and recognizes the selfless efforts of humanitarian workers and organizations who strive to save and protect lives across the globe and to reduce human suffering”.

The House also honors those frontline humanitarian workers who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The House particularly shows appreciation for the humanitarian assistance extended to Pakistan by the global community during last year’s devastating floods.

The Senate noted with alarm that humanitarian workers worldwide continue to remain vulnerable to violence and attacks, with major attacks numbering 235 in 2022 alone, including one in Pakistan, undermining the safety and security of those dedicated to saving lives and delivering assistance.

The Senate called upon the Government of Pakistan to enhance its support for humanitarian efforts, both within its borders and beyond, through diplomatic, financial, and logistical means, in partnership with other governments and multilateral organizations.

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