Senate terms Aug 5 action of India illegal, unconstitutional

Senate terms Aug 5 action of India illegal, unconstitutional
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ISLAMABAD, Aug 05 (APP): Terming August 5 action of India to revoke special status of Kashmir as illegal and unconstitutional, the Senate on Wednesday expressed resolve on behalf of people of Pakistan to continue extending unwavering political, diplomatic and moral support to Kashmiris struggling for their inalienable right of freedom from the clutches of India.

After moving a motion to discuss the one year of unprecedented atrocities, genocide, blatant human rights violations and complete siege of Indian Occupation Forces following the amendment in Indian Constitution, which changed the special status of IIIegally Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), Advisor to the Prime Minister on Parliamentary Affairs Zaheer ud Din Babar Awan said the whole nation stood united with our Kashmiri brethren in this hour of need.

He said Pakistani and Kashmiri people across the world were observing Youm-e-Istehsal to express solidarity with the oppressed Kashmiri people on completion of one year of military siege of Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK).

He said the whole nation was on same page to give message to the world community that it stood with Kashmiri brethren.

He said Pakistan renamed all roads leading to IIOJK as Srinagar roads, adding freedom of Kashmir was our ultimate destination.
He said there was no room for Sikhs in Indian constitution and they were also considered Hindu. Abrogation of Article 370 and 35A tantamount to negation of UN resolutions and UN Charter, he said.

Babar Awan said the government also issued new and real political map of Pakistan after taking its approval from Federal Cabinet. The summary for the new political map was moved by the Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and it would also be approved from the Parliament, he said.

He said Jammu and Kashmir, Sir Greek, Siachen and Ladakh were parts of Pakistan and it was unfulfilled and unfinished agenda of partition of India. The ruler of Junagarh had also announced its annexation to Pakistan but India forcefully occupied the State, he said.
He said now whenever, Kashmir issue would be discussed, Pakistan’s stance would be placed as per its new political map.

Sherry Rehman of PPPP while taking part in the discussion, said India had illegally occupied Kashmir and the innocent Kashmiri people were facing military siege of Indian illegal occupant forces.

She said self-determination was a basic right of people of Kashmir and she appealed to the west to play their due role in resolving the longstanding issue. She said India under guise of COVID-19 imposed sanctions on media and new laws were enforced to persecute people who raised voice against the Indian Occupant Forces.

She said India was changing demography of Kashmir by introducing new domestic rules to settle non-Kashmiri people particularly Hindus in IIOJK.
Abdul Ghafoor Haideri of JUI-F said the innocent Kashmiri people were facing unabated atrocities for the last 72 years. He said India put aside all UN resolutions and Simla and Lahore agreements by abrogating the Article 370 and 35 A. Neither UN nor any others raised voice against this India’s illegal action, he added.

He said right of self determination was fundamental right of Kashmiri people and it should be given to them under UN resolutions and UN charter.

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Minister for Narcotics Control Azam Khan Swati said that Kashmir issue should be resolved as per the resolutions of United Nations and according to the aspiration of the Kashmiris.
The liberation of Kashmir was the liberation of humanity, he said adding that Kashmir was burning and the people should be given their birth right to self-determination.
He said Modi Junta’s evil face stands exposed before the world.

He said the resolution of Kashmir dispute lied in a free and impartial plebiscite as per the UN Security Council resolutions.
He said Pakistan will continue to raise voice for Kashmiris till they get their right to self-determination.

The minister recalled prime minister’s speech in the United Nations Security Council and said that Imran Khan was true ambassador of Kashmir. He said that Kashmir will get liberation from the clutches of Indian occupying forces.

Senator Siraj-ul-Haq appreciated the Senate Chairman for calling special session to discuss the Kashmir issue and said it will give a message to Kashmiris that the whole nation of Pakistan was standing with their brothers.

He urged the international community to play its role in the resolution of Kashmir issue as unresolved issue of Kashmir was threat to peace in South Asia. He said that Pakistan and India were two nuclear states and war between the two counties will be threat to peace of the world also.

The JI leader said that Modi was extremist and killed thousands of Muslims in Hyderabad (India), adding Modi had also claimed to play his role in the separation of Bangladesh from Pakistan.

He paid rich tribute to the leaders of Kashmir who gave sacrifices for liberation from Indian occupation. Kashmir was integral part of Pakistan, he added.

Siraj-ul-Haq appreciated the government’s decision of issuing political map of Pakistan including Kashmir. He suggested that airspace for India should be closed till it reversed action of August 5.

He said that delegations should be sent to capitals of the world to highlight the Kashmir issue.

Siraj-ul-Haq also said emergency meeting of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should be held.

Pakistan was incomplete without Kashmir and it was jugular vein of Pakistan, he added.
He said resolution of the Kashmir dispute was important for the peace and stability of the region and the world at large. He paid glowing tributes to the sacrifices rendered by Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination.

Senator Farooq H Naek termed August 5 action of India as illegal and against the international laws. He said that India always violated the international laws. The government of Pakistan should effectively highlight violation of human rights in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), he added.

He asked the UN to appoint special envoy on Kashmir issue. He asked India to take back public safety law in IIOJK. Only Kashmiris should be allowed to buy property in the IIOJK. He asked the government of Pakistan to take Kashmir issue to the International Court of Justice.

Senator Muhammad Ali Saif said that India’s August 5 action was against the international laws and its own constitution.

He urged the government to take steps on diplomatic fronts to highlight the issue of Kashmir. He said that parliamentary diplomacy should be started.

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People who were given noble peace prizes should be informed about the human rights violations in Kashmir, he added.

He also suggested to the government to approach world’s religious leaders on Kashmir issue.

Senator Keshoo Bai informed the lawmakers about her visit to Kashmir and said that people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir wanted liberation of Kashmir from Indian occupied forces. She said that whole Hindu community in Pakistan was standing with the Kashmiris.
She said that Hindu community of Pakistan will expose the real face of Modi. He said that whole Hindu community was against Modi’s action in IIOJK.

Mushahid Hussain Syed said that Quaid-e-Azam had laid down the Kashmir policy.
He said that RSS, an extremist hindu organization should be taken to International Court of Justice. He said the silence of the international community on the atrocities in Kashmir had proved to be dangerous for the security situation in the region.

“Kashmir issue is important. Without peace in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu Kashmir (IIOJK), it is not possible to have peace in the region,” said Mushahid Hussain.
Senator Raza Rabbani said the picture of Kashmiri boy sitting on chest of his dead grandfather in Kashmir could not be forgotten by the world.

He said thousands of Kashmiris were imprisoned but they did not leave the path of freedom.

Usman Khan Kakar of Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party while taking part in debate said all issues should be discussed in the Parliament and decision should be taken by the elected forces.

Sitra Ayaz of ANP while taking part in the discussion said India was rubbing salt on wounds of Muslims as they selected August 5 to lay foundation of Ram Mandar on place of centuries old Babri Mosque. She said they were very weak on diplomatic front which needed to be revisited. She suggested that Article 1 should be amended to make Azad Kashmir part of Pakistan.

Javed Abbasi of PML-N said that India abrogated special status of Kashmir with abolition of Article 370 and 35 on August 5, 2019. Paying tribute to Kashmiri for their sacrifices, he said Kashmiri people were under illegal Military siege for the last one year.

He said the world community has also kept complete mum over Indian unabated atrocities on innocent Kashmiris including children and women.

It was high time that all political parties including military leadership should sit together and devise a new strategy in order to resolve Kashmir issue, he said.

Mohsin Aziz of PTI paid tribute to all those Kashmiri youth and women who rendered supreme sacrifices for their struggle to get rid of Indian illegal emancipation.

He said over 70,000 people had been martyred by Indian occupational forces in IIOJK.
He expressed the hope that the new political map of Pakistan issued by the government would change into reality.

Mir Kabeer Muhamamd Shahi of National Party said the genocide of Kashmiri people had been continued for the last 72 years. He said that his party fully supported the Kashmir cause.

He suggested that the Kashmir policy should be revisited and more vibrant to get desirous results.