Senate chairman stresses joint strategy for resolving Palestine issue

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ISLAMABAD, Nov 29 (APP): Chairman Senate Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani on Tuesday urged the Muslim community and human rights organisations, to devise a joint strategy for resolving the issue of occupied Palestine and ending human rights violations there.

In his message on International day of solidarity with Palestinian people, being observed on Nov 29, he asked the international community to play its role in achieving a just solution for Palestine as the dire situation in Palestine posed a serious challenge to international peace and security.

Early resolution of the issue suits especially the entire region as well as the world. Chairmen expressed his unwavering support to the people of Palestine, especially on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.

He expressed solidarity with the Palestinians and strongly condemned the Israeli atrocities carried out against innocent and unarmed Palestinians by Israeli occupation forces as the issue of Palestine was route cause of unrest in the entire Middle East.

The Chairman said that Speakers of the Parliament around the world have been informed about the aggression and brutality by Israeli forces against the Palestinians. He reiterated that Pakistan will always continue its support and will always raise its voice against Israeli atrocities on every international forum.

“Today we send a message to our Palestinian brethren that the Pakistani nation as a whole stands by them in every hour of trial. Pakistan will never leave the Palestinians alone in their just struggle for independence and will continue to raise its voice for their rights on every platform. It is the moral responsibility of all Muslim countries to take joint and comprehensive action to resolve the Palestinian issue”.

Senate Deputy Chairman Mirza Muhammad Afridi, also expressed solidarity with Palestinians and strongly condemned the Israeli cruelty and brutality. Afridi urged Muslim countries to support their Palestinian brothers.

Israeli aggression cannot demoralize Palestinians. The series of attacks by Israeli occupation forces on innocent people, illegal settlement of the Israelis, and forced evictions of Palestinians are serious violations of human rights and international law.

Bombing women, children and innocent Palestinians is a very cowardly and shameful act. Pakistan will continue to raise its voice at international forums against Israeli atrocities.