Senate Chairman for improving efficiency of national institutions

ISLAMABAD, Oct 26 (APP): Senate Chairman Mian Raza Rabbani Monday
said there are three major requirements for improving effectiveness
and efficiency of national institutions.
These include building and strengthening of national institutions,
building a system so that individualism and adhocism comes to an end and institutionalized decision making comes into effect, and the defining of national security priorities should be done by Parliament after taking all the stakeholders on board as was the case in the last Parliament under the umbrella of the Parliamentary Committee on National Security,
he added.”The Senate of Pakistan has initiated the intra-institutional
dialogue at a very crucial stage of the country’s history. This is high
time that the national institutions should abandon acrimony in the
larger national interest and work together under the ambit of 1973 Constitution,” he said in his address to the participants of 45th PN  Staff Course and faculty members of Pakistan Navy War College, Lahore,who visited Parliament House. Rabbani said national security policy needs to be made through a national consensus.
It may be added here that visit of Pakistan Navy officials to the
Senate of Pakistan is part of one of the recently launched initiatives
by the Senate of Pakistan.
The Pakistan Navy group visiting Parliament House also included
under training allied officers from Turkey, China, Indonesia,
Bangladesh, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Oman, South Africa
and Sri Lanka.

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