Security on high alert for PTI public meeting

ISLAMABAD, Nov 2 (APP): Elaborate security arrangements are
being observed in Islamabad for maintaining law and order on
gathering of PTI at parade ground.
Around 15,000 to 25,000 law enforcers would ensure order in
the federal capital on this gathering, police sources said adding
that additional force comprising personnel from the Frontier
Constabulary (FC), Punjab police, Azad Jammu and Kashmir police and
some other law enforcement agencies (LEAs) are also performing
security duties.
The security personnel have been kept totally unarmed and
peaceful handling and guidance to crowd has been ordered by the
security bosses, the sources said.
The close liaison has been ordered among various officials to
be assigned security duties and also with the organizers to maintain
peace and tranquility on the occasion.
Vigilance at exit and entry points of the city has been also
enhanced while patrolling in various main avenues is being observed.
Meanwhile, personnel of Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) have
been also deputed to guide road users who would ensure
implementation on traffic diversion plan for their convenience.
According to this diversion plan, those coming to Islamabad
from Expressway would have to go at Taramri Chowk from Khana Pul and to reach Rawal Dam and Dhokri Chowk from there. Those willing to go Bhara Kau would have to use Murree road.
Similarly, Park Road, Taramri and Khana pul will be used by
those willing to go to Lahore from Islamabad. The road users coming
from Rawalpindi may use 9th avenue, IJP Road, Peshawar Mor and
Kashmir Highway to come to Islamabad.
The 9th avenue can be used for those coming to Islamabad from
sector I-8. Those willing to go to Rawalpindi from Islamabad may use
Faisal Avenue, Jinnah Avenue, F-8 Exchange Chowk and 9th avenue.
ITP has also made a plan for parking of vehicles of those coming to attend the PTI gathering. Those coming to Peshawar may use Kashmir Highway and can park their vehicles from Education Chowk to
Beacon House signal service road in I-8 sector after passing through
Peshawar flyover.
Those coming from Lahore would come through Islamabad
Expressway and to park their vehicles at Faizabad parade ground
parking area.
Those coming from Bahra Kau would use Kashmir Highway and
reach `Chana Tara Chowk’ to park their vehicles around Shakarparian.