Scientists laud govt's decision to rename QAU physics centre to Abdus Salam centre

ISLAMABAD, Dec 7 (APP): Pakistani Scientists had applauded
government’s move of renaming Quaid-i-Azam University’s (QAU) Physics Centre to “Professor Abdus Salam Center for Physics”.

Talking to Voice Of America, Renowned Scientist Dr Abdul Hameed said that such steps will encourage students to work hard in the field of science and technology.

Replying to a query, he said that fundamentalism terminates the human
ability to think.

“Religious fundamentalists are using modern technology but oppose the learning of science and technology by terming it an atheist step.”
He urged the government to follow the footsteps of Iran and
Turkey so as to make progress in the field of science and

Scientist Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy lauding government’s move said,
“Such a step should have been taken in 1980 but at that time fundamentalism was on peak due to which nobody exhibited courage to do that.”

“This step will create new atmosphere in Pakistan and it is the need
of the time that the youth of the country follow this icon,” he added.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also initiated “Professor Abdus Salam
Fellowship” programme of granting five fellowships anually to Pakistani students for PhD in the field of Physics through Higher Education Commission in recognized international universities.

The steps were taken to recognize the contribution of Professor Abdus
Salam, a major figure in 20th century theoretical physics and the first-ever Pakistani to receive Nobel Prize in the field of Science.