Scenic Broghil, a new destination for world tourists to exploring ancient civilization

PESHAWAR, Aug 21 (APP):A scenic Broghil valley, which is bestowed with natural beauty including snow covered peaks, glaciers, meadows, lakes and trekking routes is going to be a new destination for the world tourists.

Located in the extreme north of Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, bordering Afghanistan and Tajikistan, the grassy land of Broghil is especially fascinated in the month of July with moderate temperature and greenery.

Broghil festival is celebrated every year, but steps has been taken to make this event a regular feature like Shandur Polo Festival and attract more local and foreign tourists to this unexplored ancient civilization where still people living in caves in their true culture from centuries, Managing Director Tourism Corporation Junaid Khan informed the local and foreign journalists soon after returning back from his hectic week long visit to Broghil valley.