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Saudi Public Security warns against fake Hajj advertisements, clarifies official channels

By Rehan Khan

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP): The Saudi Directorate of Public Security has issued a warning to citizens and residents regarding fake advertisements circulating on social media platforms offering services related to Hajj, such as arranging pilgrimages for others, securing sacrificial animals, selling Hajj bracelets, and providing transportation, with the intention of committing fraud.

The Directorate emphasized that those who fall prey to such scams not only risk financial loss but also violate Hajj regulations. Those caught engaging in these deceptive practices will be subject to strict legal repercussions, it added.

Clarifying the legitimate channels for procuring Hajj-related services, the Directorate highlighted The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Project For Utilization Of Hady & Adahi as the official authority for selling and marketing Hady, Adahi, alms, and charity bonds on behalf of pilgrims.

These services can be accessed or tracked through the project’s official website (adahi.org), electronic platforms like the Ehsan platform, or certified outlets, it said, adding that additionally, a unified inquiry and order tracking number (920020193) had been established for convenience.

Urging compliance with Hajj regulations, the Directorate called upon citizens and residents to report any violations by dialing (911) in Makkah, Riyadh, and the Eastern Provinces, and (999) in all other regions of the Kingdom.

This directive will safeguard pilgrims’ interests and ensure the smooth conduct of Hajj, underscoring the importance of vigilance and adherence to official procedures.


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